Sexting - Don't Knock It Until You Try It

How Sexting Has Improved My Sex Life!

Don’t knock it until you try it, prophetic words my mother said to me. While I am pretty sure this is not quite what she had in mind, I will use them to talk about sexting. I used to be a skeptic until I took a walk on the wild side and decided to listen to my mother for a change. I pushed that little red send button on the phone and sorry mom, now it seems that I understand it a bit more. Sexting is pretty fun, discreet and a whole lot safer since you never really “hook up” with anyone in person. It’s a safe way for 2 consenting adults to explore their intimate desires in today’s modern mobile world.


It’s The Modern Way To Connect

All you have to work with is 26 letters, 10 digits, and a smattering of punctuation to stimulate your partner. It takes a whole lot of effort, creativity and imagination to get it to work. Speaking from experience, I can honestly say many people would become amazed at just how well it works! It is a different kind of sexual experience that happens more in the mind than the body. Sexting has now become considered by relationship experts all over the world as a means in which to connect intimately with a spouse or partner. The only thing required is a willing partner.

The Perfect IceBreaker!

Studies suggest that it is a great alternative for couples to use in order to explore a fantasy or desire with each other. Things that they would otherwise find too embarrassing to try. Trying something new with someone before it actually takes place is a whole lot more practical than finding yourself in a real life situation feeling extremely uncomfortable. Chatting hosts, sexting hosts or sexperts are often known to help people to practice or explore sexual preferences before they take it to the real world. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who frequents adult entertainment websites do so for negative purposes such as cheating.


A Place To Feel Welcome

Some are actually there to learn about their sexuality or learn how to deal with sexual problems so they can live a normal life. In fact, many experts claim that often clients just want to talk, nothing else. Women often feel ashamed about their sexuality while men often have trouble performing. Most people find it too embarrassing to talk to their partners about this kind of thing and so they turn to professionals. Sexting is the most popular way to get help with these problems because the interaction is immediate. No one can blame or judge them if the experience is between two consenting adults.


How do you know if you’re sexting properly?

If you answer yes to all of these questions then it is probably safe to assume you are doing it correctly.


1. Are you using a mobile phone to send sexy messages?

2. Are you unable to use both hands to send these messages?

3. Did you and your partner enjoy it?


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